September 28 – October 2, 2020

Building Resilience in Retail

During the COVID-19 global pandemic the California grocery industry has excelled in the face of tremendous adversity – adopting new protocols to keep employees and customers safe while dealing with a historic buying surge that strained the entire supply chain. 

Building more resilient organizations to address future uncertainties has been on the minds of grocers and their supplier partners even before recent global events. The pace of change within the industry has been accelerating with new competitors and digital-first shoppers that have tested the grocery industry’s historical faith in predictability & reliable, long-term forecasts. 

These evolving market dynamics, accelerated by recent events, challenge our companies to adopt a new mindset that thrives in uncertainty and continuously adjusts. 

With a sustained focus on core strengths, successful organizations and their leaders are sharpening their resiliency to meet these challenges and learning to build flexible and adaptable organizational structures, constructing more responsive industry partnerships and embracing agile leadership approaches. 

Join us as we explore today’s emerging trends and inspire you to build resiliency within your organization, your approaches and your team.

New Virtual Format, Same Quality Content

This year, due to continued health concerns and restrictions on large gatherings, the California Grocers Association has taken the unprecedented step to host its 2020 Strategic Conference virtually, using best-in-class meeting technology and conversation-starting presentations.

We’re excited to unveil this unique conference format and are confident it will provide the personalized event experience you have come to expect, while ensuring your time online will be highly productive.

This year’s conference will stretch over portions of five days – September 28 to October 2 – creating greater time flexibility, and allowing more company associates to participate. Each day will begin with an early morning online educational offering and collaborative group discussions about important emerging issues. 


Resilience is defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. 

In the past six months, California’s grocery retailers have encountered unprecedented issues that challenge the very core of its traditional supply chain distribution. Committed to the communities they serve, and deemed essential by government, grocers have overcome a multitude of real-time obstructions, positioning the industry and its hundreds of thousands of employees as heroes in the battle against COVID-19. 

Our goal is to provide the virtual forum that will help you “recover quickly,” adapt to a new normal and connect to partners that can help you achieve your goals. This uniquely configured event attracts more than 300 retailers for tailored education, personalized vendor meeting schedules. 

In addition to our core programming, the conference will again feature two value-added programs designed specifically for independent grocers and enterprise risk protection associates. Learn more about these two popular sessions.


If you’ve attended the CGA Strategic Conference, you’re familiar with our signature pre-scheduled, customized business meetings that allow you to connect with your top California customers. This year, our virtual conference provides even greater opportunities to interact with a wider-range of grocery buyers from throughout California. 

Use the conference’s secure, virtual platform to conduct strategic business reviews and initiate new, forward-looking discussions. Explore innovative ways to build more resilience within your partnerships. 

Discover how this exciting new digital format can be the key to greater connectivity in the country’s No. 1 grocery market.